NetCam Image Samples

The following images are from StarDot NetCam customers. We believe that NetCam produces the highest quality webcam images in the industry. To produce images of this quality it is important to note that image composition, lighting conditions, and camera settings must be taken into consideration. Advice on how you can achieve the highest quality images from NetCam is available free from StarDot.

To see images from the NetCam Megapixel, click here.

Why is the NetCam image quality so high? Unlike other network cameras, NetCam is a digital camera in the truest sense -- it does not employ an "off the shelf" imaging chip set. NetCam uses frame transfer CCD sensors from Sony and Sharp -- it does not use field transfer CCD's that cause motion tear and it does not use inferior quality CMOS sensors. Secondly, sophisticated image enhancement software is embedded in NetCam to produce crisp images with excellent color and contrast. Take a look at the images below and we think you'll see why NetCam and NetCam MP produce the best images in the industry (note: the images below are straight out of StarDot customer's NetCams -- they have not been enhanced in any way).
320x240 Images from NetCam, 1/4 resolution (Scroll down for full 640x480 images)

For even higher quality 640x480 images, see the NetCam Megapixel Sample Images.