StarDot DVR Software (NVR)

StarDot DVR turns StarDot network cameras and video servers into a full-blown security system, all from your desktop PC. Now it's simple to not only view all of your cameras from one centralized application, but you can also record and play back video from your PC's hard drive.

Hard Disk Digital Hard Drive Recording.
Gone are the days of VCR's for security recording. All cameras recorded with the StarDot DVR software are saved to a video database on your PC's hard drive.

Advantages of hard disk recording:
  • Instant search and playback of video
  • Older recordings are automatically deleted as hard disk becomes full
  • Using motion detect mode, weeks to months of video can be stored on a typical hard disk
  • Export to AVI video for CD-ROM archiving
  • Playback video forward or backward up 1000x normal speed
  • Record and play back up to 16 (or 100) cameras at the same time

DVR Control Simple yet Powerful.
StarDot DVR was designed with both the novice and expert user in mind. Advanced security features such as motion detection and movie export are built-in and require no complicated setup menus to configure.

With StarDot DVR, you can:
  • Easily record and playback video from StarDot network cameras and video servers as well as many third party network cameras and video servers
  • Set up all advanced features from a handful of simple intuitive menus
  • Monitor, record and playback 16 cameras (local and remote) from one application

Motion Detection Why Record an Empty Room.
Sophisticated motion detection is built in to StarDot DVR. This means you can store significantly more video on your hard disk, but more importantly you don't waste time on playback watching an empty room. Only motion-detected frames are stored.

Advantages of motion detection:
  • Only video or images that matter are stored
  • Significantly less hard disk space is used
  • Saves 25-100 times the data as non-motion mode

Express 6 Across the Board Compatibility.
StarDot DVR can be used to view, record and play back video or images from the entire line of StarDot products, including Express 6 video servers and NetCam network cameras.

With StarDot DVR, you can also:
  • Simultaneously record from both NetCam and Express 6 cameras
  • Record up to sixteen remote cameras (multiple locations) from one central location
  • Start with as little as one or two cameras now and add more later
  • Record up to 2048x1536 resolution (NetCam XL 3 Megapixel)
  • View/record many third party network cameras and video servers including Axis, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, JVC and many others.

  Professional Performance. Affordable Price. $1295.

SOF-DVR16- $1295
View, Record and Playback up to 16 cameras

SOF-DVR100 - $1595
View and Record up to 100 cameras
Playback up to 16 cameras at once

Have a security camera application?

Do you already have analog security cameras?
Security Camera Connect up to six of your existing CCTV video cameras to the Express 6 video server. View your cameras over the Internet with only a web browser. With the StarDot DVR software, you can record and play back video straight from your hard drive. Have more than six cameras? Add more Express 6 units.

System Requirements
  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4 or higher
  • 40GB Hard Disk
  • Network Card
  • Minimum 1024x768 Resolution

How does the StarDot DVR software differ from a hardware DVR?

A hardware DVR essentially replaces a time-lapse VCR. It only works with analog cameras and the cameras have to be cabled directly into the unit. A hardware DVR will not record IP cameras and a hardware DVR must be physically located where the video cameras are.

The StarDot DVR software does not have these limitations. StarDot DVR is essentially an NVR (network video recorder), which allows it to record IP cameras over a local area network or over the Internet (or both). StarDot DVR can work with both analog cameras (through a video server) and with network cameras at the same time. The cameras can be both local and remote. And since StarDot DVR is licensed for use on three computers, redundant recording is a breeze.